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christmas carrot tree ornament


orange fabric, roughly 15x20cm, enough to cut out 3 carrot shapes

green felt, 3 strips each sized 1x8cm
narrow ribbon, 20cm long
orange sewing thread

black embroidery cotton (I used pearl cotton 8)

toy stuffing


plus the usual needle, pins, scissors etc



1. Cut out the templates, pin the carrot template to the orange fabric and cut out. Repeat twice more, so you have a total of three carrot shapes. Pin two of the carrot shapes, right sides together, sew down one side, 0.5cm (1/4”) in from the edge, until you get to the centre of the tip. Open the two carrot shapes out, and then repeat this process to join the third carrot shape to the now central carrot shape. You will now have all 3 carrot shapes joined by two sewn seams. Next, place the two unstitched edges right side together, and also sew down this seam, the images below will help expalin what your finished carrot looks like once sewn together.

2. Turn the carrot shape right side round, so the seams are on the inside and stuff it with the toy stuffing. Using the orange thread, sew a running stitch around the top open edge and loosly gather by gently pulling in the thread. Before closing up the top end of the carrot, tuck the ends of the three strips of green felt, and the (folded in half ribbon to form a loop) into the opening. Now pull the thread tight and sew a few stitches through everything to secure.

3. Add a face to the carrot, using the black embroidery cotton. Two french knots for eyes, and a single straight stitch for a mouth, with enough slack so it curves into a smile.

Your carrot tree decoration is now complete and ready to adorn your Christmas tree. Make as many as you want!


The carrot can be sewn together either using a sewing machine, or it can be done by hand using backstitch, just make sure you sew it using the orange thread to match the fabric.

t e m p l a t e s   etc...

click the download button below for the template pdf

carrot sewing project templates
christmas carrot how to
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